Suit & Settle Rotterdam Airportplein 55, Rotterdam, Nederland
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Locatie : Nederland
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Telefoon : 0625150450
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  • Dinsdag :09:30 - 17:30
  • Woensdag :09:30 - 17:30
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  • Vrijdag :09:30 - 17:30
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Suit & Settle helps expats who live and work in Rotterdam or The Hague. Are you an expat and do you work in Rotterdam or The Hague,
and do you want to rent property? You would probably need to find a specialist who understands the Dutch law & regulations in order to ease the search for a property in Rotterdam. Suit & Settle can also help you with any questions you may have about relocation.




Why choose for Suit & Settle?


·        We are both a relocation and home rental agency


·        Years of experience in the housing market of Rotterdam and Den Haag


·        Secure and care free relocation


·        A home or an apartment within 24 hours


·        Both upholstered and furnished homes available to rent


·        All price ranges


·        Shortstays are also possible


Want to rent out your home or apartment to expats?


Are you searching for an expat for your real estate in Rotterdam or The Hague?


Suit & Settle is suitable for big projects that requires swift action to do with temporary rental housing, houses and appartments for expats in Rotterdam, The Hague, Zoetermeer, Voorburg, Barendrecht, Ridderkerk, Rhoon, Spijkenisse, Hellevoetsluis, Vlaardingen, Capelle a/d IJssel, Krimplen a/d IJssel and Brielle. 




Suit & Settle rents homes to expats in Rotterdam who works with:








         Erasmus Universiteit




         Exxon Mobile




         Akzo Nobel








Why rent out your house or apartment to Suit & Settle Relocation company?


·        Professional recording of your house including free photo-representation.


·        Published to many national and international housing websites specially aimed at expats


·        Our account managers will present your rental home to multinationals and several companies who are looking for homes for their expats


·        We do the selection of all the rental requests and the subsequent intake conversations with the candidate tenants (expats) with respect to your search criteria


·        We provide the viewing with expat tenants


·        On your behalf as a landlord we negotiate with the expats about the terms of the rent


·        Screening candidates thoroughly


·        Preparation of a lease according to the latest expat law and regulations


·        Doing check-ins with the expat which includes a check-reporting


·        Provide all financial aspects for the exchange of keys


·        Key exchange with the tenant or expat and the landlord


·        Ensuring the signing for gas, water, light TV and Internet bills


·        Guiding expats in their new environment and the property


·        Optional: managing your property


·        Communications for any defects in the property after the home is rented to your expat.


Are you a home owner and you have a furnished or an upholstered home, house, apartment or studio ready to rent out for expats?
Mail us at 

Suit & Settle is specialized in housing for expats in the region of Rotterdam and The Hague.
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